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Editions Coup de Pouce has been publishing music learning methods since 1984

Denis Roux (founder) has acquired an extensive expertise in the field of music thanks to his career on stage and as a music teacher. When designing these methods, he collaborates with a number of professional musicians such as Angelo Debarre, David Reinhardt, Samy Daussat, Christophe Dupeu and Laurent Miqueu… Editions Coup de Pouce was the first to break into the world of audio-visual publications with the release of its educational DVDs which allow for a dynamic learning approach to music.

Editions Coup de Pouce is always in tune with the latest developments in multimedia and has made a name for itself today through the publication of DVDs and CD-ROMs and YouTube covers.

eight collections are currently available

  • COUP DE POUCE : a collection of methods available on CD and/or DVD or with YouTube oversaimed at beginners learning guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, keyboard, saxophone, ukulele, cajon
  • TON PROF (Your Teacher) : a collection of methods on DVD aimed at beginners learning guitar, harmonica, drums, cajon, bass or saxophone
  • BLOC-NOTES : pieces for guitar with multimedia material (on CD-ROM or DVD) in acoustic, rock and gypsy jazz styles
  • Guitar The Secrets : a collection designed especially for the more experienced guitar player. Methods are based on world, Brazilian, gypsy jazz, rock, blues and country music
  • TUBES DU JAZZ (Jazz Hits) : arrangements of jazz standards for saxophone, keyboard and guitar
  • SI ON CHANTAIT (Let’s Sing) : a variety of songbooks featuring arrangements of famous hits with melodies and chords.
  • MINI-Chords dictionary : guitar, ukulélé, keyboard and MEMO practice guitar
  • Music notebooks

Through these collections, it is easy to see that Editions Coup de Pouce is in tune with the needs of musicians, offering a one-of-a-kind learning experience for beginners.

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A team at your disposal who answers all your questions and does not hesitate to satisfy you.

   We attach importance to the satisfaction of our customers and make sure to give you all necessary follow-up at the time of placing your order or for any pedagogical question.

Do not hesitate to send us an email, we will reply quickly.

Feedback texts

Gypsy Guitar the secrets is a great product for the experienced guitarist who wants to get into gypsy jazz licks and for a beginner. I found it invaluable and it allows a guitarist to widen his experience, Totally Recommended and speedy delivery.

Steve Durant

I am a teacher of guitar and I use the P'tit coup de pouce guitar with my students, it is a very good method .

James Brut

I play the standards of jazz on keyboard with the method Tubes du jazz piano vol1, the playbacks are superb.

Julie Barbera

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